North Facing House- What Does It Mean?


Let us understand what is meant by a north-facing house, as many people get confused regarding it.

People presume that is the direction of the major road in relation to the house. The way we face when we leave our house is the direction our house faces. It is found that magnetic forces of the earth are usually generated from the North Pole so our house will receive positive vibes through the entrance door.

People believe that the north represents water elements, there’s a belief that if our house faces north one will enjoy more wealth and prosperity. It is believed that north-facing houses attract wealth, so one should have a good plan of house with an experienced architect who has worked with north-facing house plans before. The lord of the north direction makes it probable that it will aid in the accumulation of riches for those who live in residences that face north.

There are some additional facts about house structure. These include aspects like the number and size of doors, the bathroom, the Puja room, and so on. As a result, one should conduct a thorough examination and construct the necessary structures.

The main entry or door is essential for every home. The appropriate location of the main entrance may improve the overall appearance of your north-facing house, as the main door serves to capture positive energy from the exterior and connect it with the inside surroundings.

Because these residences receive sunshine during the day, we do not need to switch on the lights in the morning. This will help in conserving an important resource

Electricity. As in today’s world, we also have to think about our future generations.

Everyone can not have their houses facing north direction and with the

modernization, people tend not to focus on these things and keep their focus on improving them and enjoying their family time.

When you are designing the house, you should ensure that there are no obstructions that will prevent the house from receiving daylight. Make sure the primary entryway faces the northeast corner. Experts believe that when the entrance faces the north direction it symbolizes the flow of positive energy.

Whenever it relates to the kitchen, make sure it’s in the southeast part of the house. If it’s impossible to build the kitchen here, you should consider building it in the northeast direction.

Concluding Thoughts

 Why are north-facing residences preferable?

A north-facing home obtains sunlight from the back of the house and is often darker and cooler than a south-facing home. East and north are regarded to be very important for wealth and health in Vastu shastra, a classic Hindu school of construction.

Why are dwellings oriented north?

In speaking, capturing sunshine from the north is the preferred orientation for houses since it allows radiant heat to enter the house. In essence, this will function as passive solar heating in the winter, but in the summer, it is simple to screen the northern facades of the home to prevent heat from infiltrating.