Importance of Laughing Buddha Statue in House


In the modern chaotic world, most of the world is running behind money, fame, successful careers and whatnot. In this rat race, most people tend to forget that peace and prosperity is the most important treasure that they are never even trying to attain. Finding peace and wealth in today’s world appears to be a monumental endeavor, but what if I told you that you may get this serenity and prosperity by just putting a statue of Lord Buddha in your home?

Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha

His huge bulging tummy and cheerful grin have earned him the moniker “Laughing Buddha.”

Budai is a god in some forms of Taoism and Buddhism. Hotei is one of Japan’s seven fortunate gods. Laughing Buddha is taken as a sign of wealth and should be present in every home, according to Vastu Shastra. It is a symbol of satisfaction and can aid in the accumulation of positive energy. Placing a laughing Buddha statue in the proper location can help to produce the right cosmic energies and relieve all of your concerns. Now the question arises in which place in our homes should we place our beloved Budai.

The answer to this question is very simple. The Budai statue should always be facing the direction of the rising sun i.e. the east direction. It is said to be a good spot and brings harmony and good fortune to the family. If you want to gain wisdom then the northeast is your direction and all those who want to have financial gains should opt for the southeast direction.

But most important Budai is considered to bring happiness and prosperity and because of this reason, it is advised that the statue is placed in such a way that the statue faces the inflowing Chi from the entrance and not with its back.

When it comes to the statue material and color it is advised to have a statue of mainly wood, metal, stone and porcelain.

Although golden yellow is the most popular color for the Budai statue, the Budai statue in black color invites fluidity, good luck and wisdom. If you wish to be more passionate and motivated all the time one can opt for red color and white or silver-ceramic is the color for wealth, peace and happiness.

The sorts of Budai sculptures used might also have a major impact on the success. The Budai with a sack is said to gather one’s suffering and misery and give back positivity, wealth and good fortune. The Budai statue with fish represents wealth and abundance whereas the Budai statue holding beads symbolises mediation and represents health.

The laughing Buddha with a fan and Lou wards of misfortune and Budai sitting on an elephant symbolises success. If you really want good luck, acquire a statue of Budai sitting on a gold nugget, and if you want serenity, get a statue of Budai wearing a hat. The Budai monument, surrounded by children, represents family happiness.

Lastly one should never keep a Budai statue in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, shoe rack directly on the floor and near electrical outlets etc. The one final piece of advice for you is that when you get a laughing Buddha you should rub the belly of the figurine every day with an affirmative mindset. Keep a positive mindset and let the laughing Buddha bring all the prosperity and good fortunes to you.