House Number Numerology: What does number 5 mean?


Today, we live in a digital age. With rapid technological development and expeditious mechanization, numerology seems to be a thing of the past. Today’s rationalist and scientific thought processes may reject the concept of numerology but many would be surprised with the impact that numbers have on our daily lives and particularly regarding our houses.

House Number Numerology
House Number Numerology

House number numerology is a subset of numerology that concentrates on the power of house numbers and the impact they have on the life of people. With house number numerology gaining popularity worldwide the question arises that how does one calculate whether the house one lives in is lucky or not? Calculating house numbers as per numerology is very simple and easy. Suppose your house no. is 108 then the numerology number is 1=0+8=9. Similarly, one can include the value of alphabets too. Alphabet A, I, J, Q, Y has numeric value 1 B, K, R is 2 C, G, L, S is 3 D, M, T IS 4 E, H, N, X is 5 U, V, Y is 6 O, Z IS 7 and F, P IS 8.

Now let’s learn about the significance of the number 5 in the house number numerology. The number 5 is regarded as a very juvenile and zestful number in house number numerology. This house number house is considered best for youngsters, professionals and students and for anyone who is starting a new phase in their life.

This house number is consummate for people who are explorers or travellers and always want a kick in their life and to discover new things in their lives. This is an ideal house number for people with high yearning and curiosity. People with a very active social life would benefit the most from this number.

The house with numerology number 5 is full of positive and ardent vibrations and this thing makes this number a perfect suit for gregarious people. This house is also an ideal match for people who like to enjoy total control of their life. This home also sits well with people with creative skills and also for stags. While this number does not guarantee long term, economic success this house number assures short-term economic gains. This number is ruled by Mercury and because of the reason the people living in this house number always prefer to evolve and change.

People who like to live in a systematic and planned manner and always have a tight schedule should avoid this house number. Also, people who are easily addicted to anything should avoid this house and the same goes with introverts.

Now coming to the bad things that the people living in this house number may face, people living in this house number can have major health problems. People living in this house number should always keep a check on their health, take regular health checkups, and exercise regularly. The people living in this house number should always stay connected to the ground and always keep themselves connected with their kin members and friends. The people living in number 5 numerological houses always have an abundance of energy, if they focus this energy on productive works this number can bring wonders in their lives.