How to send a laptop from the USA to India?


In order to ship a laptop to India from the United States, you can use Amazon. It is much easier to import or ship electronic products from this online shopping portal because many of them are eligible for international shipping. Is Amazon a good fit for you, or are there better options? In order to import a laptop from the United States to India, you’ll have to deal with customs duties and issues with the address, among other issues. You can get a sense of what to expect by reading this article.

There are still problems, even with Amazon’s worldwide shipping. However, the company takes care of it, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your laptop into the country. After you place the order on Amazon and pay the customs duty, all you have to do is wait for the laptop to arrive at your door.


The other way around

You can also ship laptops from the United States to India using an international shipping service like BorderLinx. Ship laptops or other electronic goods to India using a temporary local shipping address in the United States provided by these companies. Shipping costs, including tax and customs duty, will increase as a result of increased demand.

Next, ask a family member or a friend who lives in the United States to help you ship your laptop. An Indian friend or relative can order a laptop or other electronic item from you and bring it back to their country with them when they visit.

For this method of import, you’ll need a family member or friend who is willing to bring the product, or who will be visiting India in the near future. There are a few ways you can avoid customs and tax issues by using all of the above methods; this is the safest option. Using this method, you can only bring in one laptop at a time, and you’ll be required to open the package and declare it upon arrival at the border.

As an alternative, you can use crowd-sourced shipping services, in which people flying out at convenient times bring your purchased item from India to America.

Import fees for laptops from the United States to India

Carry-on luggage containing a laptop computer from the United States that has been outside the country for more than three days is now exempt from any additional duties or fees in India. However, only one laptop can be brought as personal property and not be charged. A single laptop’s import duty is zero, but customs duty is levied on multiple laptops.

There is a 28 percent import tax for a computer from the US to India, which can be divided as follows:

  • The percentage of BCD is 10%
  • The 1% HEdu Cess is
  • A 2% Educ Cess
  • Tax on goods and services imported from other countries: 28%

Exporting certificate

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you’ll need an export certificate, which is a document issued by Customs for specific products. To bring back any high-value products or electronics from outside India, an export certificate must be obtained by the person who is taking the item out of India.