How Do I Grant Power of Attorney to Someone in India from the U.S.?


An Indian Embassy or consulate must authenticate a PoA before being used in India. In either case, this can be done either in person or via mail. To submit an “in-person” application at any of the country’s consulates, you must have the following documents on hand:

You may fill out the Miscellaneous Application form, but you must not sign it before submitting it.

When the principal signs the PoA paperwork in front of consular officials at the specified consular counter, the document must be returned to the consulate.

Your signature must match the one on your most recent and current passport. If the signatures don’t match, you’ll have to re-sign.

Witnesses from the United States are required. If they can’t accompany you to the consulate, you’ll need their signatures notarized.

Witnesses must not be members of the immediate family.

If both spouses are named in a POA document, all aforementioned rules apply to them.

Unless a technical fault causes the process to be delayed, you will receive the attested document the same day.

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney

Thing which are necessary for filing the form

Your most recent valid passport and a photocopy are required for verification. For Indian passport holders, the first five non-blank pages and the last two pages must be copied.

To create PoPoA, the original and photocopy must both demonstrate the holder holds a valid visa for the U.S.

This includes visa approval and extension records.

Applicants must include two passport-sized pictures.

You can prove your U.S. residency with a lease or mortgage deed, state I.D. card, or utility bill. All of these should be included in your application, and the originals should be brought for verification.

Procedural Details for Application by Mail

Your application should include photocopies of all of the relevant papers. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your submission to ensure your application is considered complete. Please make sure your package is traceable before mailing. Notarized signatures are needed when you submit an application by mail for either an affidavit of real estate ownership or financial statements. Various Indian consulates have slightly different charge structures. There is a nonrefundable cost of 20dollors  per page for in-person applications of 20dollors  per person per page. The Indian consulate in New York, on the other hand, charges per document rather than per page of paperwork.