How many phones can I carry from the USA to India?


A person can bring as many devices as they like from the United States to India. You won’t have any issues if you pay all applicable taxes and fees. Your passenger status is also required. Two computers, for example, can be transported without any additional expense. Mobile phones, on the other hand, are exempt from the country’s strict import restrictions on laptops. INR 35,000 or INR 15,000, depending on how many days you were gone from India, would be within the usual limit. As long as you unbox the phone, sign in with your Apple ID, and carry the phone in your pocket, it’s possible to bring two or three iPhones from the United States to India without incurring customs charges. Then you can repack and give it to someone when you get to India. It’s not unusual for people to have two phones these days, so this isn’t an issue. You’ll have to pay tax on anything more than this.


Case 1 – You are in India and want to buy it from the USA

Mobile phones can be shipped from the United States to India in various methods. To begin, you can purchase it from an online retailer like Amazon and have it shipped to your country of residence after making a prepayment online. For those who want to buy anything from the United States to India, there are companies that will buy it for you and ship it to you from a US address. As a third option, you can buy a mobile phone on an online shopping website and have it shipped over to you by a friend or family member who will be visiting the country. This is the simplest and most cost-effective solution, but finding a friend who is capable of executing this is likely to be difficult. Waiting for their preferred time will also be required.

Case 2 – You are in the USA and want to buy it and take it to India

If you live in the United States and plan on purchasing the phone, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll have to deal with customs if you plan to ship it unopened in the original packaging. Customs may be an issue if you have more than one cell phone. When customs officers see that you’re carrying the phone open and in your pocket, they won’t require any screening or duties because it is now a personal item. Leaving your phone in an unopened box in your carry-on or checked baggage will result in customs marking your suitcase and requesting further explanations.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to ship electronics to India. The required information must be included in your package. You must include the IMEI number, for example, if you’re selling a cell phone. If you’re not careful, you may encounter difficulties from the Indian custom. If you’re selling second-hand electronics like PCs and laptops (along with a few other items), you’ll need a NOC (No Objection Certificate). Please get in touch with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to obtain this item A letter of this nature states that the authority has no objections to importing the specific item in the discussion. As a rule, the recipient bears more responsibility than the sender. Even more so, electronic gadgets are subject to strict controls while moving from the United States to India.