Which facing house is not good?


All that Vastu shastra is about is making the most of the space that you have. A majority of homebuyers prefer properties with an East-facing orientation since it is connected with good fortune and wealth. Homes with a southern exposure are considered unlucky since the Hindu god of death, Lord Yama, is said to reside in the dakshina, or south, direction. All the vitality of the house is brought in through its front door. The front door of a home is one of the most essential places in the entire structure. Dos and don’ts for decorating the main door of a home are also very essential.

Which facing house is good in the USA
Which facing house is good in the USA

The devil’s energy enters through the South West door of a property, so stay away from it. It will bring difficulties and misfortunes. It is possible for the occupant to flourish for the first three to four years if the wealth energy of the house, according to sophisticated Feng Shui, is strong. However, there is a chance of a setback. The Gada in Hanuman’s left hand can be fixed outside your door if your residence has a door facing South West. Yellow sapphire, earth crystals, and lead, when used in accordance with the Expert’s recommendations, can lessen the severity of this flaw. Such properties should be avoided at all costs. Disease, rage, and legal issues are reported to enter through the South East-facing door. Outside the door, two stickers of the Gayatri mantra should be affixed to either side of the door. It is possible to further reduce the faults of this door by using stones like Coral, Yellow Sapphire, etc. and copper with good guidance.

Vastu dictates that primary doors of a south-facing home should be positioned in the centre of a south-facing wall or section. This is done to align the home’s energy. Entrances that are located to the left of the centre point are likewise favourable. If a wall facing the south has a central point, it is considered bad luck to have a door on the right-hand side of the wall.

The sharp energy that enters through the south-facing door of the house upsets the home’s good energy field. In this context, the word “door” denotes a person’s busy social life. Disputes or conflicts may arise from time to time. Again, repairing the two Hanuman’s tiles stated previously outside the door will be beneficial. Lead, cat’s eye, etc. can be used to further protect it. In the fourth Pada, however, this door is excellent for an occupant.

The west-facing door is also a good choice for children because it has an active and joyful spirit. The reason behind this is that in Japan, Geisha residences are always oriented toward the west.

Vastu places a high value on the house’s shape. For a South-facing property, limit the design of your house to rectangle or square. Keeping huge flower pots or trees on the north-east side of your home will help to clear out any negative energy.