Which facing house is good in the USA


Houses that face north are the most frequent in your neighborhood. According to Indian Vastu gurus, a north-facing dwelling is the most auspicious. Because Kuber, the ruler of wealth, resides in the north, it stands to reason that anyone born under the north’s influence will have an abundance of financial resources at their disposal. With regards to the direction of your property, north is clearly the most popular choice. It’s not enough to just have a north-facing property; it’s also not a guarantee that all north-facing properties are good for you. In other words, before making a hasty decision to buy a house with a north-facing orientation, think twice. To learn more about them, continue reading.

Which facing house is good in the USA
Which facing house is good in the USA

Vastu for a north-facing home?

Let’s first clear up any misunderstandings about what “north facing house vastu” actually means before delving deeper. According to their assumptions, it’s pointing in the general direction of their home’s major road. The statement is, of course, wrong. Your home’s orientation is determined by the direction you face while exiting the front door. As a result, if you exit the main door toward the north, you have a north-facing house vastu. It doesn’t matter if the vastu is facing south, east, or west; it all functions the same.

If you ask vastu specialists, is it good or bad luck to live in a north-facing home?

North-facing dwellings are considered ideal by vastu specialists and the majority of the general public, as previously said. Those who live in properties that face north are more likely to get the benefits of kuber, the lord of this direction. However, there are other design considerations that must be taken into account as well. Factors such as the number and size of the doors, the location of the kitchen, bathroom, and puja room are all included in this category. To determine whether or not it is beneficial or detrimental to its residents, a thorough evaluation is necessary.

Yes, everyone can live in a north-facing house.

People may not be able to enjoy the benefits of a north-facing home, despite the many advantages. A person’s occupation and/or zodiac sign may influence what they need in a home. North-facing properties, according to vastu specialists, are the best for persons who own their own business or work in the financial sector. While the financial sector may benefit from a north-facing dwelling, printing and publishing workers can benefit as well, as the north is also related with mercury. In addition, the north is related to water, which might bring good fortune to those in the media and entertainment industry.

People in the following industries and professions can benefit from a north-facing property:

Entrepreneurs, accountants, investors, stockbrokers, e-services providers, astrologers, vastu consultants, tour operators, and other service providers segments of the hotel and catering industry

Astrology also plays a significant influence in determining the desirability of a property. People with the following zodiac signs are most suited for a north-facing residence vastu-

AKA: Karka, or Cancer Meen or Pisces Vrishchik, Scorpio, or

When determining your zodiac sign, make sure you are using your natal chart and not just searching for your birth date on the internet.