How to Cancel An Order In Takealot

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If you haven’t made the payment yet

If you have received their order confirmation mail and haven’t paid yet for your order, take for example you made the payment via a regular EFT or opted for cash on delivery, then you can request a cancellation. To do this you need to visit the cancellation page on their website from where you can request the cancellation. The information needed will be your order details along with your full name and your email address, they might ask you for additional information for the same. This can be done for any order that has been placed except as far as the payment has not been made or shipped and you haven’t received the confirmation mail yet.

What if you have already made the payment?

Well in such a case the company allows you to cancel the order as long as you haven’t received the confirmation mail =. You can receive the credit for the same or get a full refund. This can be done as long as your order adheres to the takealot’s return policy which you can read more about on their website.

What if you have already made the payment and received the confirmation mail?

If you have received the confirmation mail for your order and you have already made the payment for the same for any reason you cannot cancel the order but you can opt for a return provided the order is unused and undamaged. It should also have all the labels and should be in its original packaging.

To return the order you can visit the website within 30 days of the delivery or collection of the item, after which you will only be able to return it if it is defective. You cannot return certain products such as newspapers, periodicals or magazines, food, beverages, or anything intended for everyday consumption or perishable items, you can read more about these products on their website.

How will the refund be made?

Ideally, the refund is made in the form of credits and in some cases a full refund, but if you have received credit and wish to get a refund of the same you can still do this by going to my accounts section on their website and to the credit and refunds section. The refund here will be provided to you by your original payment method or if you have opted for cash on delivery or made payment using EFT you will be asked to upload your banking details, after which you can expect the refund in 3-5 business days.


Be mindful that, you are entitled to cancel the order only if you have not made the payment and it has not been shipped for delivery after which you can only return the product.