7 Ways to Add Value to Your Florida Home


In the real-estate world, not all investments have high returns. Something you think looks impressive might seem tacky to others. Yet, after lots of market research, experts concluded what is bound to add value to your Florida home. How much you will invest depends entirely on your carefully calculated budget, but here are some guidelines you should consider when planning a home remodeling.

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Florida Home
7 Ways to Add Value to Your Florida Home
  1. Convert your attic into additional living or storage space

Attic space can be anything from an unsightly under-roof area to a modern living space. Investing in your attic can add value to your Florida Home by adding usable square footage to it. First, you need to fix structural damages that buyers might see and dislike. No one wants a leaky roof or potential problems with pests. The dusty attic might seem like a hotbed for mice or bugs.

On the other hand, if you clean it and convert it into something with practical value, the number of potential hidden risks in buyers’ minds will decrease. Bigger families will appreciate the extra living area that can become a kids’ playroom, a reading nook, or a big closet they didn’t count on. Additional storage space is always welcome in anyone’s home, and turning the attic into it doesn’t require a lot of funds.

2. An in-ground pool will add value to your Florida home

In Florida, a country with so many sunny days a year, having a swimming pool is very desirable. But in-ground pools are costly to install and maintain. Yet, a recent study has shown that having an in-ground pool increases the house value by 5-8%. Remember that people aren’t just buying a place to stay; they are looking for a vision of a new life. If what they see makes them imagine a wonderful life there, they will instantly love it. Emotions weigh in on almost any purchase, many times more than reason does. Have that in mind when you are preparing your house for sale. Also, don’t forget to acquire a swimming pool safety certificate in advance. This will assure more practical buyers that you are a trustworthy person that cares about essential details.

3. Updating the bathrooms makes a huge difference

According to multiple studies, bathroom remodeling will make the most significant difference in all upgrades in your house. Some studies even claim that for every dollar you invest in your bathroom, you’ll see a 1.71 dollar increase in the value of your home. You could upgrade it entirely or just some aspects of it. These are the areas in the bathroom you could work on:

  • Paint on the walls. Repainting the bathroom is the cheapest modification you could make. It will cover signs of mildew and wear, if there are any, and make your bathroom look significantly more presentable.
  • Plumbing accessories. Make sure you replace the defective faucets and that the new ones go well with the rest of the bathroom from the style point of view.
  • Replace the vanity. This solution will make a huge change but also cost a lot more.
  • Upgrade the flooring. This feature costs the most and significantly impacts the house value increase.

Bathroom renovation is the most costly of all upgrades, with an almost unlimited range of potential investment value. Think hard and calculate whether you can afford it and to what extent.

4. Upgrade your garage and driveway to make your Florida home look more appealing

In today’s world, almost anyone has a car and treats it as a pet. A garage that is in good condition will mean a lot to people with expensive cars. Investing in a garage upgrade will make your Florida home more valuable. Also, don’t forget the driveway. A good-looking house shouldn’t have an unpresentable driveway. That would be like forgetting to put the icing on the cake. The cost of refurbishing driveways can vary, just like the cost of anything these days, so do some research on that. It is worth mentioning that the driveway and the outside of your house are something that people see first. You don’t want your house to make a bad first impression, do you?

5. Redesign your lighting to be more healthy and pleasant

Not all lighting is equal, and people with migraines and light sensitivity know this best. The general rule is that natural light is the healthiest and most appealing. Wherever it is possible, clear the way for the natural light. You can start with easy solutions like replacing your curtains with more transparent ones. It is a good idea to research how different various lighting accessories affect people’s health and influence our moods. Adaptations related to the light in your home will both add value to your Florida home and increase the quality of your own life in the future. These modifications don’t have to be expensive, but they will be highly valued by the people appraising your house. Make sure you point out how your approach to lighting considers health. No need to be modest about the good sides of your home.

6. Remodel your kitchen to add value to your Florida home

They say that kitchen and bathroom sell the house. That is understandable since these two rooms are the most expensive to remodel. Ironically, the remodeling price is part of the overall price, and any buyer could do the remodel themselves. Yet, not many people like to bother with extra work. Today, people are very busy and want to buy a house they can move in and enjoy without too much additional remodeling. Talk to the contractors about this. See how much you will need to invest in getting your kitchen to look the best the money you can spare for it can buy. You will not regret it, and it will pay off.

7. Decluttering will add value to your Florida home

Last but not least, the decluttering. No amount of well-designed interior will make any difference if all kinds of clutter are arranged around the house. Getting rid of unnecessary mess and excess belongings is beneficial on many levels, not just when trying to add value to your home in Florida. But in the context of real estate and house prices, a mess of any kind in the house is an absolute profit killer. Needless to say that living with junk is unhealthy, so remove it immediately.

As for the usable items, divide them into two categories: those you will keep and give away. We advise renting out a storage unit for belongings you aren’t ready to part with. To make the process less stressful, you could hire a company that provides moving services. For example, look for a helpful team that will assist you in removing the items that don’t belong in your home at the moment in the most stress-free way.

Final thoughts

They say any hard work pays off one way or another. This isn’t always true regarding home renovations, but some works and upgrades will surely add value to your Florida home. The best part is if you eventually end up not selling it, after the abovementioned remodels, you will live in a functional and beautiful home you love. A win-win situation.