How much does it cost to hire a helicopter for a wedding in India?


Vidai and Barat are two of the most popular destinations for newlyweds. Helicopter entry or evening departure from reception for a hotel are both possible options. Helicopter pads are available at many hotels and wedding locations, and Guides will help you choose the best helicopter and landing area for your needs. The cost of hiring a helicopter varies according to a variety of factors, including where you want to land and depart from, how long you want to fly, how big the helicopter is, and when you want it. Flight pricing, landing site recommendations, and real-time availability can be found on our helicopter flight page.

helicopter for a wedding
helicopter for a wedding

Are you thinking of hiring a helicopter for your wedding?

If that’s the case, everyone would be happy to arrange a big entrance and exit, guest transportation via helicopter, and a Flower Dropping at your Indian wedding site using our helicopter services. Your guests will be entertained and impressed, and your wedding will be one-of-a-kind because you rented a helicopter.

A memorable wedding is what you’re going for.

The perfect wedding begins with a memorable entrance, so charter a helicopter for your big day and arrive in style. There is no better way to emphasize this approach than to come out of the helicopter determined to make a lasting impression on guests.

You’re Getting Married, And Flowers Are Falling From The Sky.

You can make a gorgeous flower shower even more romantic by using a helicopter to deliver the bouquets. When a bunch of flowers is hurled at you and your companion, there are countless opportunities to capture stunning images.

To make your wedding day even more memorable, consider using charter plus helicopters for your ceremony.

Private helicopter rides for two are in hot demand as romantic gestures. For any occasion, whether it’s a proposal, hen party, or big wedding day, everyone wants to enjoy the Private Air Charter Service like a movie star and add a VIP glamour to go as smooth and worry free as possible.

Any other mode of transportation cannot match the speed of a helicopter. If you’re looking to get married in a helicopter, don’t expect to pay as much as you’d expect. Even though they’re seen as an expensive mode of transportation, helicopter rentals for weddings are far more affordable than you might assume. The majority of custom-built helicopters feature four seats, so you and your loved ones may enjoy the journey together. Helicopter booking for weddings in Kutch will assist you in finding some excellent picture booths to use.


  • Renting a single-engine helicopter in India can cost anywhere from 5,000 to 115,000 per hour.
  • Renting a twin-engine helicopter in India costs between $180,000 and $250,000 per hour.
  • In a two-hour trip from Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore, at least 250,000 individuals