How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In US?


Your car insurance in the US can vary from place to place; for instance, it is very low in Alaska whereas quite higher in Florida. Apart from this, your car insurance greatly depends on the age model of your car and your credit score. All these factors play a major role in deciding the premium of the car you have bought. Furthermore, the average cost of your insurance will change even in the same city of the US. Therefore it is always advised to check the insurance rates of your nearest cities.


There are many tips and tricks that you could easily follow for lowering your car insurance in the US. Normally on average, car insurance is around 1758 dollars per year. That means; you have to pay 146.50 dollars per month. Many research methodologies on zip codes have been done to cut down the charges on car insurance. Check out the factors that decide the amount you have to pay for your car insurance in the US.

Getting Insurance Of Your Car

Many research methodologies have been done on different car insurances. These are done with different zip codes and with people having high and low credit scores. People that are included in it are male and female that ranges from 30 to 35 of year. But individually, the price of your car insurance can vary for you depending on some of the major factors. These factors could be:

  • Your gender
  • Education level
  • Your credit score
  • Driving school and license
  • Place where you live
  • The model of car that you have purchased
  • Your profession and source of income
  • Age factor
  • Your experience in driving

Before going for car insurance, make sure that you have proper knowledge of all the above factors. The difference that each factor makes in your car insurance and the amount of your insurance according to your zip code.

Why Your Residential Area Affect Your Car Insurance Cost

Car insurance rates can vary with zip codes and by changing states in the US and every country. In some states, car insurance is very low, whereas, in some places, it is quite higher. This is because the accident rates that the city has and the roads of the city decide the amount of car insurance. Any City that will have a high rate of accidents will charge high insurance rates. The same goes with Louisiana; it has a very high rate of accidents. Therefore the annual charges of car insurance in the city are 327 9.18 dollars.

Place That Has Lowest Car Insurance Rates

If we talk about love in the US, it only charges $300 every year for car insurance. The charges are very low compared to the other states of the US, which are ranging in thousands of dollars. The reason for low car insurance rates in the state is its low density. The population of the state is very low. That’s why the risk of accidents is or also less. Not only this, the area is almost surrounded by rural areas and not from the urban areas.