Does Shahrukh Khan Have Land On The Moon?


The Romance King Shah Rukh is a well-known Bollywood actor. He is known as the “King of Love” and has starred in several romantic flicks. The performer is also known as the “Badshah of Cinema,” “King Khan,” and other nicknames. He has established himself as one of the most successful and well-known movie stars of all time.

He has starred in several films and is well-known for his hit movies. The artist has had a successful career and is well-known for his outstanding acting abilities. In various films, he is also recognized for his love parts and banter.

Does Shahrukh Khan Have Land On The Moon
Does Shahrukh Khan Have Land On The Moon

Shah Rukh is indeed a blockbuster throughout every meaning of the term, as among the world’s wealthiest and most well-known actors. Being such a superstar entails gaining the respect and affection of tens of millions of people. On the other hand, many fans go to extremes to show their admiration for the star. Maybe Shah Rukh has a slew of such followers who have gone to great lengths for him – and to see him. However, only a few incidents received public attention. Here are a handful of the wacky things fans have performed in honor of King Khan.

In 1992, he began acting in the Bollywood movie Deewana. He has worked in dramatic, and romance films, and many fans adore him. In 1991, he wedded Gauri Khan, with whom he had three children. His love flicks and glamorous parts have made him famous. His films have educated us about the genuine concept of love.

The actor is well-known around the world. The actor does possess property on the moon. His multiple Australian female supporters gave him property on the Moon for his 52nd b’day. As per sources- the artist has already discussed it in an interview. He has certifications with the Moon Democratic Association for the concepts.

Yes, you read that right. November the 2nd seems to be the birthday of Bollywood’s Baadshah, who owns many hectares of property on the Moon.

SRK reveals to a newspaper that he is still alive “Yes, each year on his birthday, an Australian woman purchases a small piece of property on the Moon for me. She’s been purchasing it for a long time, and the Lunar Democratic Society sends me these credentials.”

SRK goes on to say how he has seen his admirer and that she corresponds with him via email throughout the year “She sends me brightly colored messages (One row is red, another is blue, etc.) I consider myself fortunate to have the affection of several individuals around the globe.”

The female enthusiast has already purchased just several areas of The Sea of Serenity, including some of the Moon’s most sought-after places. In addition, he has gained vast amounts of love from fans by leasing property on the Moon and practically many of the planets.

Do you know another fun fact? Sharukh khan also has a name on the Moon! In 2009, the performer’s name also was given to a crater upon the Moon.

Fandom has no limits, and fans’ love for their favorite stars can be seen here. This gesture is the epitome of love from people.