Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Making Social Video


If you’re a social media manager, you know that video is the way to go. Video has the highest engagement rate and gets more shares than any other type of content. It has been proven that 54% of consumers prefer watching videos to reading lengthy articles from a brand they support. Also, 94% of the marketers notice an increased product understanding through videos. If you want your social media marketing strategy to be successful, there’s no doubt that video needs to be a part of it. According to a recent study published, 86% of marketers agree that making use of videos for promotions is effective in generating more leads, traffics, and revenue.

Social video is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies on the web right now. But the huge growth of this new field comes with some growing pains, such as mistakes you should avoid when making social videos. Read on the have an insight about social video and on what to avoid when creating a social video.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Making Social Video
Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Making Social Video

What is a Social Video?

Social video is a term that encompasses everything that you can do with the video uploaded to social networking sites. It includes the creation of the video, adding music, merging videos, posting to social media, and then sharing with friends. Social media allows us to reach people all over the world and make important announcements in seconds. This is a fantastic way of sending a message.

Why is it important?

There are numerous reasons why social video is important. Aside from grabbing the attention of your audience, you will increase your conversion as your video acts as a virtual contract that makes them visit your website or even purchase your product. This is more evident if you make your content more interesting and engaging. Videos may serve as your call to action. Also, it is a unique way to deliver content as the typical lengthy articles are lame and consumers’ attention span has decreased based on recent studies. Another thing is that through videos you can personify your business and make it distinct from any other competitors and this will help you increase brand exposure.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when Making Social Video?

Creating Videos Without A Clear Goal In Mind

If you’re going to invest time and money into a video project, make sure you have a clear goal in mind for it. Depending on the type of video, that goal could be anything from getting more email subscribers to boosting brand awareness. It’s important to know why you’re creating a video before you start creating it.

Making The Video Lengthy

The most effective social videos are short. Audiences tend to skip long-form content as they want it quick and easy enough to comprehend through their phone screens. Most of the successful and trending video content lasts up to only 1 minute. This may be tricky if you want to share a more comprehensive explanation. The challenge to this is to create short, informative, and sweet content for your audience.

Not Incorporating Subtitles

Social videos are often automatically played without sound, so having subtitles will make sure your audience gets the full message. Also, social media is used worldwide, thus, not all viewers are fluent in English so it gets hard for them to internalize your content. These subtitles will aid your audiences to easily consume your message.

Neglecting Audience’s Social Media Behavior

Although social media is accessible all throughout the day, studying and scheduling when to post your content is a must. To combat this, you should use social media analytic tools to study the behavior of your target audiences. This will help you plan the best time to post to have a greater chance of conversion and engagement. You should also take into consideration the social media platform you will be using as there are different user behaviors on each of them. Thus, regular monitoring of your engagement and social data analytics will help you decide the best time and strategy for your content.

Creating Poor Quality and Unoptimized Videos

Since you decided to utilize videos, then you must know that if your videos are of poor quality, then people won’t be interested in watching them. While videos can help you tell your brand story to a mass audience in an engaging and appealing way, they are only as effective as the quality of the video. If you are on a tight budget, you can utilize free editing software to improve it visually. Also, videos are watched through different devices, so if you want your videos to look as good as possible optimizing it for mobile and web views is a must. Also, low-resolution videos might look pixelated or stretched on mobile screens.

Save these tips while taking on your next project. You’re guaranteed to save yourself from spending a useless amount of time creating your content and from embarrassment. No one is perfect, but if you could avoid these common mistakes, you’ll reap the fruit of your effort.