How To Cancel Zeelool Order?


Return and replacement procedure for Zeelool.

After acquiring the items, Zeelool provides a 365-day guarantee that covers obvious manufacturing and craftsmanship flaws.

It also includes a one-time substitution that would only be given whether there are obvious flaws in the craftsmanship and material.

Please feel free to contact the Zeelool Consumer Support Team in 30 days the items whether there are any problems, like dissatisfaction, a size problem, or an unpleasant prescription. If you don’t, they won’t consider your concerns.

This guarantee does not cover accidents, irresponsibility, or poor handling and may result in damage or return demands.

Once you placed the transaction wrong, you can obtain a special deal for future purchases or a complete refund to the primary payment source (debit/credit cards or PayPal) by contacting the Zeelool Customer Support Team.

If it is a production defect, kindly get in touch with us so we can replace your eyeglasses at no added charge or, if indeed the problem is proven, give you a complete refund.


Order alterations or cancellations.

Get in touch with the Zeelool Customer Support Team between 24 hours of placing your purchase should you wish to change or cancel it. Whereas if prices differ, there would be an additional fee. Please use the table below to determine the extra fees for any change or canceling requests received after 24 hours.

Only the frame and supplies.

Previous to delivery (but over 24h)- Free.

After shipping- 30% of the total order quantity.

Prescription eyewear.

Previous to delivery (but over 24h)- 10% of the total order quantity.

After shipping- 30% of the total order price.

Revenue Tax Concerns.

Clients who make purchases from the business may be assessed Selling & Usage Tax (“Sales Tax”) by the relevant US jurisdictions. In such states, we must legally collect income tax. After you verify your delivery information and continue to the register, you will see the Service Tax added to your item.

How is the sales tax determined?

The entire goods value, net of any discounts, is used to determine sales tax. The taxes levied on the shipment and distribution costs may also be included in the annual taxes (whether it is taxed in your state).

Your order’s tax rate will be shown when you reach the payment stage.

Would sales tax refunds be available?

They would also return the necessary Sales Tax to the original mode of purchase in the event of returns and credits.

Secure Payment Method.

On Zeelool, you can easily pay your expenses without worrying. Banks and well-known international payment businesses are partners of Zeelool. You don’t need to worry about anything when buying on Zeelool.

Simple Cancel, Return, and Refund.

Not to worry, you have the option to return the Zeelool-purchased spectacles for a cash refund if you’re not happy with them. Please see the returning & replacement policy for additional information. Every cent you spend will be well used here.

How could I cancel a purchase I’ve already made?

You could contact us, and we’ll make the appropriate changes if you enter the erroneous prescription. Due to incorrect information being given, there is no need for you to withdraw your order.

It is easiest if you get in touch together to cancel the purchase.