7 Best Countries That Offer Citizenship By Investment In Real Estate


Several programs have been initiated to provide people citizenship in a foreign country. People try to get residency in such areas by performing many different tasks. But as time is changing, many other opportunities are emerging in society. So if you want to get involved in citizenship, then there is a method to get it easily. If a person invests in real estate, then he could get citizenship in the particular country.

7 Best Countries That Offer Citizenship By Investment In Real Estate
7 Best Countries That Offer Citizenship By Investment In Real Estate

There are several programs launched every year which help a person in getting the desired things easily. Because of the demand, the popularity of The Residency programs by investment is increasing rapidly. But because of this, you would find a bigger competition in the market and also people would be benefited as they get a variety.

We have mentioned below the top 7 countries that you can access in order to get citizenship by investing in real estate. You can get involved in the programs launched by them and then have residency in a particular country.

[1] United States of America

When a person invests in government-approved projects in the United States, then he is eligible to get a visa. In the US, people, after investing in government properties, are able to get the EB 5 visa. Once you get into the performance, then you will be able to get a permanent residency in the US. With the permanent visa that you have got, you will be able to get access to various things such as work, study, education, life, and retirement.

The amount you have invested in the project can be taken back when the project is completed. It is important that you will have to spend a minimum of 6 months every year in the USA whenever you get a residency. The minimum amount that you need to invest to get a US passport is $900,000.

[2] Republic of Turkey

There are several benefits provided to the people who get involved in the investment for getting citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. If you invest in the programs initiated in the Republic of Turkey, then you can easily get benefits.

While making an investment of $250000, A person will be able to get the visa easily. Also, there is an option where people can make investments in companies with a minimum amount of $500,000. It is important that it needs to be kept there for about three years whenever you make this investment.

[3] Dominica

If you want to get citizenship in Dominica, then you can invest in two different options. You can easily make an investment in the economic donation where you will be helping the country. This program is considered to be a very humanity-related one because you will provide help to the citizens. Another way by which you can get investment citizenship is real estate, where you could buy a property.

In this particular country, with a minimum deposit of $100,000, you can also get a visa and a Dominican passport. Although it was impossible to get us citizenship without having residency, the rules have been changed. It has been made flexible for the people now; they can easily invest and get citizenship.

[4] Antigua and Barbuda

When you invest in Antigua and Barbuda’s programs, you will get a passport for economic wealth. There are several benefits provided to people who choose the program for getting the benefits. A person could easily contribute $100,000 to the development fund of the country. This will help you in getting citizenship of the country because you have donated an amount.

A person could also involve in the business while investing an amount of 1.5 million dollars. However, do not want to invest such a high amount; then, you could get involved in the government-approved real estate projects where an amount of $400,000 is enough to invest.

[5] Kitts and Nevis

Getting citizenship by investing has been made in real 1984 in the country. Whenever a person invests in real estate in this country, then the scheme provides The Residency. Also, if you want to get citizenship in the country, then you can make an investment while giving donations to the country.

You will benefit from the program to a large extent, but for that, you will have to donate to the Sustainable Growth Fund for a minimum of $150,000. Also, if you want to buy a real estate property in the country, then by investing $400,000. If you want to get a passport, then it will take a maximum of six months, and yet then you will be able to stay in the country.

[6] Malta

Citizenship in Malta is provided by the scheme where you would get a high net worth. An individual who is able to get a good income can only get citizenship in the country. There is a famous program in the country known as Malta individual investor program where you will have to invest a very high amount. A person who is able to make a contribution of €750,000 to the country in the development fund.

Apart from depositing the amount in the fund, you will also have to invest another €150,000 in the government-approved financial conditions to complete A rent of property for a minimum of 5 years. The investment method in the country is affordable, and then it leads you to get the citizenship of the country.

[7] Cyprus

A person who which to get citizenship in Cyprus will have to invest an amount of €2.5 million in real estate. If you desire to get us citizenship, you will get several programs that offer you the things, and also, you will get citizenship within six months of the application.

Whenever you get a passport, you will be able to do several things such as living travel study and work in the country. Another benefit that you can get from this passport is that you will get a visa-free for Germany, France, and the UK.