5 Best Dhabas Beyond Sukhdev in Murthal Sonipat India


What are people in Delhi supposed to do when their manager refuses to sign off on their request for time off, and there is no long weekend insight? What you need to do is get together with some pals, hop in your car, and head on down to Murthal, also known as the parantha capital of the world! Even though it’s the most well-known restaurant in Murthal, Sukhdev Dhaba isn’t the only dhaba in the area that’s worth a visit.

This weekend, you shouldn’t miss out on going to any of these five incredible dhabas in Murthal:

5 Best Dhabas in Murthal Beyond Sukhdev
5 Best Dhabas in Murthal Beyond Sukhdev

Mannat Dhaba

The Mannat dhabas and the north Indian roadways go hand in hand together. Period. The popular “dhaba chain” has multiple locations along significant thoroughfares in this region of the country, but the Murthal location is, without a doubt, the most impressive of them all. If you’ve had enough of the exhausting crowds at Sukhdev, this is the perfect location for you to be!

Shiva Tourist Dhaba

In spite of its relative youth, Shiva Tourist Dhaba has already made a name for itself in Murthal’s vibrant and competitive dhaba sector. This restaurant has a distinct advantage over its rivals because of its extensive menu. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the north or the south; these men can do it all. The famous Shiva Dhaba on the Delhi-Nainital highway is really a branch of this newer establishment, in case you were wondering. It’s just as good, as you could expect.

Number 1 Ahuja Dhaba

Number 1 Ahuja Dhaba, a longtime favourite of travellers on the Delhi-Chandigarh route, is a classic example of a long-standing establishment. The dhaba, which first opened its doors in 1948, has always been known for its outstanding food served with minimal fuss. It’s a great place to get a taste of a dhaba’s rustic charm.

Pahalwan Dhaba

If you’re driving to Punjab, make a pit stop at Pahalwan Dhaba, another iconic restaurant that’s very popular with the locals. Pahalwan has all the hallmarks of the renowned hospitality of the North Indian region, including quick and efficient service, delicious food, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Gulshan Dhaba

Due to the fact that it is Murthal’s oldest dhaba, Gulshan Dhaba should be given special attention for its role as a cultural landmark. The quaint dhaba has provided much-needed rests for travellers of all ages throughout its history. The fact that neither the flavour nor the level of service has been altered in any way is the best part!