Why Does Air Conditioning Make Me Cough?


When you switch on your air conditioner, do you start coughing? Alternatively, do you have a recurring cough that the air conditioner appears to make even worse? Running your symptoms by your physician is always a good idea. On top of that, we have a general notion of how air conditioners can be harming your health. What you need to know is as follows.

Why Does Air Conditioning Make Me Cough
Why Does Air Conditioning Make Me Cough

 Normal Operation of an Air Conditioner

The natural running of your air conditioner may have given you a cough. Using air conditioners cools the air, but they also remove moisture from it. Summers can be oppressively humid, making it difficult for certain individuals to breathe, thus this is often a positive thing. There are some people who are more sensitive to low humidity levels than others and may experience dry coughs when there isn’t enough humidity present in the air.

Low humidity can exacerbate the symptoms of certain medical disorders, such as asthma, COPD, and others. Your doctor can help you manage your symptoms more effectively. Increasing the humidity in your home is another option, but be careful not to overdo it. The ideal range for indoor humidity is between 30 and 50 percent.

 A clogged Air Conditioner Filter

It’s also possible that your AC is making you cough because it’s recirculating dust or growing mould and germs in its filter. There are a lot of pollutants that can build up in a clogged air conditioner if it isn’t replaced on time. Rather of eliminating it, they may proceed to blast it back into the air.

In addition, overflowing air conditioner filters can harbour germs or mould, which can lead to illness. Coughing can be exacerbated and your air quality reduced as a result. There is nothing more you need to do than update your air conditioner filter. This is something that your HVAC expert may take care of for you as part of your yearly checkup. Alternatively, they can advise you on how frequently you should do so over the course of the summer.

The Air Conditioner Is Leaking

You may have a leak in your air conditioner. As a result, they are designed to draw water from the atmosphere and discharge it into the drainage system. It’s possible that water could be redirected into your property due to leaks, blockages, and other issues. Mold and bacteria growth in this puddle of water can degrade the quality of your indoor air. Additionally, it has the potential to increase the relative humidity in your house. Your cough may be caused by one or both of these disorders.

Look around your air conditioner for any signs of water damage. You can rely on your HVAC contractor to address any leaks you discover.

Other Approaches to the Problem

The last thing you want to do if your air conditioner is making you cough is turn it off and end up being too hot. If you’ve exhausted all of the aforementioned options, you may want to seek the advice of a doctor. The following are possible solutions that your HVAC technician may be able to provide:

Pollutants that cause coughing can be removed from the air by using an air purifier. Your doctor can identify your triggers, and we can assist you in selecting the best purifier to address them.

Use a humidifier to fight the dryness of the air. Just be careful not to over-humidify the atmosphere.

We’re here to help if you’re prone to getting a cough from your air conditioner.