Which Country Gives Green Cards Easily?


Why is Permanent Residency desired?

With the globe shrinking by the day, work opportunities are no longer restricted by country lines. Many individuals prefer to study and work in other countries. This requires the individual to obtain a student or work visa. This visa is only available for a period and must be renewed thereafter. Renewing a visa may be a difficult procedure, notably if you want to live in that nation.

In such instances, applying for permanent residency makes more sense. Permanent residence enables a person to keep his or her citizenship while lawfully residing in another nation. Permanent residents enjoy many of the same rights as citizens, although they cannot vote or seek government posts. In some situations, obtaining permanent status may result in tax advantages.

The Green Card Scheme in the United States is undoubtedly the most well-known permanent residence program. It is difficult for Indians to obtain a Green Card. However, there are a lot of many other nations where Indians may easily obtain permanent resident status. In many of these nations, all you need now is a minimal bank balance to be eligible to apply for residency, whilst in others, you must live a particular period in the country.

Here are a few examples of nations where obtaining permanent residency is simple. Belize No. 1

For Indians to qualify for residency in Belize, they really should have stayed at least one year

in the nation without leaving for more than 14 days in a row. The candidate must pass a health test and demonstrate financial stability. Indians can also obtain permanent residence by marrying a Belizean citizen.

Panama No.2

Indians can apply for a green card in Panama in a variety of ways. Based on how you apply for a Permanent Residency, one might not be required to remain in the country or keep a residence here. Getting married to a Panamanian citizen, residing in the nation for at least five years, and investing a specific sum of money in Panama are some of the simplest methods to apply for permanent citizenship here.

Paraguay No.3

To settle permanently residency, an individual does not have to have visited or stayed in Paraguay. All that is required of the application is a valid passport, a clean criminal background, excellent health, and financial stability. It requires a couple of weeks to process the request. Throughout this time, a $4,500 investment in a centralized bank is required. The sum can be withdrawn after the residence is granted.

The Advantages of Having a Green Card

Green card holders, also known as lawful permanent residents, are entitled to certain privileges that visa holders are not entitled to, along with the following:

  • You can endorse specific relatives for visas or green cards if you have your green card.
  • A green card allows us to move more freely in and out of the United States.
  • You’ll be qualified for local enrollment, which implies you’ll pay less for college, vocational
  • Every ten years, you may easily update your green
  • A green card enables you to make financial donations to U.S.