What Percent of Americans Use Payday Lenders?


Nowadays, the majority of individuals who are indulged, in payday lenders are youngsters of Americans. And it has been observed that the number of adults who are indulged in payday lenders is very fewer. Payday lenders are the lenders who lend a small amount of money to the borrowers at high-interest rates and, this amount of money will be repaid to the lenders when the borrower will receive their next wages. An individual used to take payday loans when because for some reason, they are not able to get their wages on time, or due to some problems in their life, they need extra money to fulfill the necessities of their family members.

Payday Lenders
Payday Lenders

Is the payday loan secured or unsecured?

Most of the payday loans are unsecured which means that while taking the loan, the individual does not have to submit any collateral to the lender. And this is the reason why payday lenders have high amount of interest rates. Payday lenders help the individual who has a hand-to-mouth living and, when due to some problems in their life they need extra money. But does not have anything which they can keep as Collateral to the lenders. They have to take the help of a payday lender, as it does not require any collateral

Is a payday loan a bad deal?

Payday lenders have traditionally preyed on a vulnerable population. But, nowadays, it has started targeting the youth of the country. With the help of payday lenders, individuals can have a quick and easy way to access cash. The individuals who do not have any College degree, renters, and individuals with fewer earnings are the most likely people who take the help of payday loans.

Due to the high-interest rate of payday loans, an individual is not able to pay off their loans. And, therefore he is trapped in the vicious circle of the debt trap. Young people are experiencing financial instability than any other generation and, many students fall prey to payday lenders. Students who are earning wages during their study and due to some reason they are not able to earn their wages. Consequently, their studies are at risk. To continue their studies, they take the help of payday loans. but they are unaware of the fact that it will be difficult for them to come out of this debt trap.

At the time of difficulty, people do not think about the drawbacks of the payday loan. Because they need the money urgently. But they should think, at that time, that it would be difficult for them to come out of this debt trap and, they should think of some other alternative from which they can get the money in the case of emergency. It is the young generation of America that acts as prey to payday lenders. They do not think about the consequences of these payday loans. They should take the help of loans that are secured, as many student loans are available for the younger generation.