What direction should laughing buddha face in a home?


The laughing Buddha is considered to be the symbol of happiness, well being, contentment and positivity. The statues of laughing Buddha are popularly placed at homes, offices, hotels and restaurants solely to spread optimism and to remind us to be thankful, conquer problems, and, most importantly, be happy in life.

Budai, a Chinese monk from the eleventh century, is said to be the smiling Buddha.

Laughing Buddha’s significance has crossed borders and VastuShashtra practitioner specifically encourages the placement of laughing Buddhas at home. Indians associate it with prosperity as well since laughing Buddabears the similarity of Kuber (the God of wealth).

Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha

The substance and tone of the Buddha who is smiling

 The smiling Buddha is carved from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, stone, porcelain, and others, and is then painted in tones of golden yellow, the colour that represents wealth and abundance.

Laughing Buddha in the black shade relates to the water element in the Chinese culture which represents fluidity, good luck and wisdom.

The colour red when painted on the laughing Buddha is linked to fire which fuels an individual passion, inspiration and good fortune.

A smiling Buddha made of white or silver pottery represents riches, serenity, and pleasure.

Each shade of laughing Buddha only stimulates and promotes positive feelings within an environment.

The laughing buddha’s needs to position: an important factor

As we already are aware of the fact that according to Feng Shui tradition, placing the statues in the home promotes balance of life and bring harmony, peace and prosperity, correct placement plays an important role in making one experience all the positive feelings radiated by the laughing Buddha.

The direction of the rising sun east is considered to be a good spot for the good fortune of a family. Laughing Buddha should be positioned in this direction to bring peace and happiness into one’s life. The positioning will also help to avoid any squabbles or internal turmoil.

The southeast placement of Buddha will bring wealth to the family and bless it with prosperity.

The northeast placement of Buddha will welcome family balance and peace into life. Positive energy fills in the environment and calms the mind and soul, bringing utmost spiritual satisfaction.

The smiling Buddha constantly acknowledges positive energy entering the house, while negative energy is swept away.

Keep in mind that the face is the inside of the room and not the outside since laughing Buddha is an auspicious symbol and the bag it carries with itself is considered as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

Places to avoid keeping the auspicious symbol

  • The laughing Buddha should be treated with respect and care since it is meant to bring to you all the positivity you need.
  • There are certain areas you should never place the Buddha. Please avoid keeping it in these places and relish the positivity the laughing Buddha brings to you!
  • Never place the laughing Buddha in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilets and even on the shoe racks.
  • Avoid placing it around cluttered areas, and around electrical devices and motor parts since, it may hinder the aura of good

What are we waiting for? Welcome a laughing Buddha at your home and happily invite positivity, prosperity and health to your doorstep, today!