Purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls


Painting your bedroom is a cheap way to give it a fresh appearance, but some people find it difficult to pick a colour or kind of paint. Many people merely gaze at the dozens of colour samples in the store and then leave, perplexed, without ever selecting a colour!

If you want to paint your room, the very first step is to choose a colour palette or a colour theme. Once you walk through the door, you will be able to narrow down your selection of color swatches to those who are in that broad colour shade.

Purple two-colour combination
Purple two-colour combination

If you want your bedroom to create a specific vibe, certain colours have been proved to be more effective at invoking specific feelings or moods. Calming colours are soft hues, such as blues, greens, and lavenders in subdued tones. Combinations of colours are most suitable. Anything that is excessively colourful or dazzling will not be soothing. If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, these colours go nicely together. You may add some brighter highlights in the same colours but in a different tone to liven it up a little. I prefer a sage green for the walls, with some light sky blues and lavenders thrown in for good measure. To maintain a tranquil ambience, bedding, wall coverings, and flooring can all be a solid hue.

But on the other side, you could wish to enliven your bedroom by painting it. Maybe you want to be ready to go when you get up in the morning! Then play around with bright colours like reds and oranges, with such a dash of yellow thrown in the mix. Even though it takes several coats to hide them, I prefer the look of deep red walls! Yellow and orange make an excellent colour combo- perhaps a little 70’s, so you might create a lovely retro style with these hues. Brown can be used as an accent to bring things down a notch. Of fact, red may be used with black and white for a classic modern look.

Another decision you may have to make is whether to utilise standard paints or stunning visual paints on your walls. You may add texture to your walls by using paints that have roughness built-in, or by using special paint to mimic marble or old-world plaster.

Some of them employ solvent-based glazes, while others use specially made paint to get the desired effect. These paints, and also free seminars on how to apply them, may be found at your local Home Depot.

When it comes to colour choices that are most suited to the walls of the bedroom with the combination of purple colour, these are: –

  • Purple and white
  • Pink and purple
  • Grey and purple
  • Purple and cream white

Because purple is a colour that is closely associated with nature and animals, such colour combinations will assist to create a nice and fantastic environment around you, making your bedroom the greatest location to sit in and bring up pleasant ideas in your head.