Is Chandigarh expensive?


Chandigarh the first planned city of India is better organized than the rest of the cities in our country. Chandigarh the name means stronghold of the goddess chandi and is derived from the chandi mandir.  The city was planned by the famous French architect Le Corbusier, assisted by Maxwell Fry, Jene Drew and many other planners. It is known for its beauty and notable educational and cultural institutions.


Is Chandigarh costly?

Chandigarh is known to be one the costliest cities in india. It is also one of the most environment friendly and cleanest cities. The standard of living and the quality of life it provides justifies the expenses.

What are the factors?

Accommodation :

Chandigarh attracts various students and job seekers due to its upcoming educational and economic growth factors. Living cost in Chandigarh may vary from place to place and sector to sector. If you are looking to buy a property it could cost you anywhere from about 2000 rupees per square feet to 35000 per square feet. Whereas if you are looking to rent a place it can cost you around 4000 rupee to 25000 rupee for a one bhk flat these prices vary from place to place and weather you are sharing a room and if the flat is one bhk two and so on. You can also opt for PGs which will cost you considerably less.


 Chandigarh is well connected via public transport, the public transport in Chandigarh is cheap and the diesel and petrol prices are way cheaper than in other cities making it convenient to have private vehicles. One-way ticket in a bus might cost you around 25-30 rupees.

Living cost:

The basic needs such as water, groceries, etc are not expensive in Chandigarh and are on par with other cities in the country. Monthly groceries will cost you anywhere around 4000 to 20000 depending upon personal choices and the place you live in.


Education in Chandigarh can be a little expensive as the cost of preschool starts fro around 3000 to 13000 a month whereas primary school fees cost 75000 to 300000 rupees a year which is way more compared to other states. This price increases as the level of education increases, these prices are well justified with the quality of education that is provided, the infrastructure, the technologies used, etc.


Healthcare is one of the major aspects to consider when moving to a different city. Chandigarh is well known for its healthcare systems. It has a well-developed system and provides one of the best quality health care in justifiable amounts.

Conclusion:  If you consider all aspects Chandigarh can be called an expensive city. It is expensive when it comes to accommodation costs and education no doubt but it is justified by the planned architecture, the beautiful designs etc. Overall, Chandigarh provides various other facilities in the same amount as in other cities with an additional benefit of quality and in a systemized way.