How To Rekey A Lock Without The Original Key?


Several times people get in a situation when they don’t have a key to their lock. It is difficult to open a lock without a key, and waiting for a lock maker is frustrating. If any of your cases do not match your lock, the only option left with you is to break the lock. But it involves huge wastage of money, as locks are not made cheap. So here we will tell you about a cheap method with which you could open the lock easily without spending huge.

You could easily use a small pin to rekey a simple lock; it is a very easy and simple technique. You could get many tutorials on YouTube and other search engines for opening the lock with a small pin. Besides this, if you want to rekey a smart lock, it could be a little difficult. It may require a professional locksmith to do this. Besides this, you may also have to spend some money on opening the locks without their original key.

Rekey A Lock Without The Original
Rekey A Lock Without The Original

Rekeying Of A Simple Lock

An experienced and professional lock maker could easily do this by using some basic tools. If you are a simple person who has never opened a lock without its original key, you could also do this by looking at some tutorials. For opening it, you have to bring the cylinder to the unlocking position. After doing this, the cylinder will come out on its own and was the lock would open. If you are opening a smart lock, it will not get open from this process.

How To Rekey A Smart Lock?

Remember, if you want to open a smart lock without any original key, it will require expertise and experience. The first and foremost thing is to have access to the lock and variety of tools in your tool kit available all the time. Even a professional lock maker could not open a smart lock without a set of complete tools. However, by accessing all the tools, you could open the lock by removing the cylinder in it.

Know The Cost Of Rekeying Locks

People who want a duplicate key without the original key may have to pay a lot for the purpose. If the lock is simple and could be broken, it is good to block it rather than get its keys. Changing the whole lock would be cheaper for you rather than getting its duplicate keys. But if the lock is a smart lock or door lock, you couldn’t help into the situation and need to buy keys. If your preference is not the lock, just go for a new one rather than wasting money on duplicate keys.

Concluding Lines

These are some of the options by which you could rekey a lock, also now you know the cost of Rekeying. Then it is completely onto you, whether you want to change the lock or the keys. But always decide by looking at all the factors and choose the cheaper one.