How To Increase Credit Card Limit In Hdfc Netbanking?


Using a credit card to handle your expenses amid an economic crisis is brilliant. It lets you borrow money, purchase items, and then pay it back later. The best aspect would be that credit cards are commonly recognized and, when used wisely, may provide significant financial independence.

If you’re unfamiliar with credit cards, continue reading to learn all about them and their advantages.


A credit card would be a credit agreement offered by banks that permits clients to borrow monies up to a pre-determined credit limit. It allows customers to conduct purchases of products and services. The credit card provider determines the credit limit depending on criteria such as salary and credit rating, determining the credit card interest rate.

Each cardholder has a spending limit, the absolute maximum you could spend with your bank card. Your credit length is defined by the kind of credit card and your availability.

What are the benefits of increasing your credit limit?

  • Raise your HDFC Bank Card limitation to a more considerable sum for easier spending than having numerous Credit Cards with varied limits.
  • It helps to raise your credit score.
  • It allows you to accumulate more Loyalty Points on a single card.
  • It qualifies you for a larger credit card payment.
  • Switch to a luxury credit card to get additional advantages and points.

How Do I Improve My HDFC Credit Card limit?

You could extend the limit on your HDFC credit card by using the bank’s ‘Limit Improvement’ option offered to current credit card customers. However, only qualifying clients can use the service according to the bank’s rules and conditions.

Apart from credit limit increases, HDFC also provides a ‘Card Update’ service, allowing customers to update their cards to a higher-level card with more amenities while simultaneously increasing their credit limit.

Use Net Banking to Apply:

If you’ve not got a phone call following 6-12 months of utilizing the card, verify your hdfc bank card internet banking profile, where your bank account is recorded. Then, sign up for an account and select ‘card update and upgrade’ from the left-hand menu under the ‘credit card’ page.

You’ll see if one of your current cards is suitable for an upgrading or limit boost there. Then, click ‘proceed’ after selecting the card you want to update. They will forward your demand to the bank immediately, and then you will get an email confirmation.

Write to the HDFC:

If you obtain a response stating that your card is indeed not qualified for limit improvement predicated on financial documents, your possibilities of becoming eligible to apply for a limit boost are still viable. Have you recently received any rise throughout your revenue, or even if your earnings have changed since you implemented your current credit card.

Send a fully certified document to the HDFC credit department, together with income evidence, asking for a raise in your present credit limit. When you work as a contract worker, you must include a self-attested duplicate of your most recent pay stub and a workplace ID card. In addition, self-employed individuals must produce a copy of their most recent tax filings, their Pan card, and a computation of their earnings.

You may either mail your message to HDFC Bank Accounts Section or drop it off at one of the company’s ATM collection points.