How To E Verify Income Tax Return From Hdfc Netbanking?


One must review a tax return after it is submitted to be recognized as genuine and handled by the IRS.

With the rise of innovation and making the validation process easier, the government has announced new ways for you to submit and validate your returns digitally.

Creating an Electronic Verification Code is among the simplest ways to e-verify your tax form (EVC). A PAN’s EVC is indeed a ten-digit string of characters specific to it.

Each EVC code could only verify one reply because if you make changes to your exchange, you’ll need to build a new EVC. You do not need to transmit the actual ITR-V to CPC when you validate your payment via EVC.

Even the ITR filing period winds down, be sure you’re e-verifying your returns. They would not complete it unless your ITR has been e-verified.

For the e-verification of ITRs, there are several options. In this instalment of the series, we’ll look at the various net banking choices for e-verification.

Follow the procedures in the accompanying instructions to e-verify your HDFC bank.

  • Sign in to your HDFC internet credit account with your HDFC online banking username and password to check the status of your return application.
  • There may be a button for income tax reporting on the front site when you choose the e-verify choice. They will forward the website to the e-filing gateway for the administration.
  • The EVC will be delivered to your specified email address and cellphone number when selecting my profile on the e-filing website.
  • You could e-verify your tax form to use the EVC.

Before using this verification option, be certain your bank is approved by the Internal Revenue Service to provide such services. Every bank has its own set of procedures.

The ITR verification procedure entails an applicant verifying the information he provided throughout the return claim process. The ITR will be handled more through the Income Tax Administration only when it has been verified. ITR verification can be done both offline and online. We’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial to help you validate your ITR through HDFC Online Banking.

What occurs if you don’t complete your ITR V by 120 days?

Your e-filing will be regarded as invalid if you do not file ITR V after four months. This is because they will assume that you still have not submitted your tax return.

How can I get a copy of the ITR V Acknowledgement?

  1. Log in to the Income-tax India portal.
  2. Choose ‘View result’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. To obtain ITR V, hit on ‘Admit number.’

What is the procedure for obtaining my EVC number?

  • On the company’s website, sign in to your profile.
  • First, from the ‘Tax’ tab, pick the e-verify alternative.
  • It would send the user to the IT Dept’s e-filing portal.
  • The user can select the ‘Generate EVC’ alternative from the’ My Profile’ menu.
  • Your email and cellphone number would get a 10-digit numeric passcode effective for 72 hours.