How To Cancel An Order On Country Delight


Back in the 1950s, life was a lot less complicated. The cow that lived in our yard gave us milk that was unadulterated and unpasteurized on a daily basis. Because we were the ones who owned the animal, there was no reason for us to be concerned about any kind of adulteration. These days, our milk is either reconstituted with powder or it takes days to reach our homes after it has been milked, making it susceptible to adulteration and contaminant contamination.

The engineers and graduates of the Indian Institute of Management who started Country Delight in 2015 had the intention of bringing the purity of milk back to its original state. When placing an order online, patrons of Country Delight can count on receiving milk that is both fresh and unadulterated. The anxiety associated with keeping track of one’s milk supply is alleviated with the introduction of a groundbreaking new smartphone application for milk ordering and delivery.

Country Delight
Country Delight

The funds will be put toward expanding Country Delight’s activities across the country. Country Delight is a milk delivery service that was established in 2015 by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal. The company controls the entire supply chain, buys milk from nearby farms, and delivers it to customers’ doorsteps with as little processing as possible within 24 to 36 hours. The service is provided to users via a downloadable mobile application.

Refunds and Cancellations

There is no effort involved in returning any item to Country Delight during the first 48 hours after delivery, making it the best store in every manner possible. Make sure that you have not used the product or opened it before you return it to the firm, since the company does not accept returned items that have been used or opened.

Always keep an eye out for online deals and sales if you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on shopping. If you decide to return a product before it has been delivered to you, you won’t be responsible for paying any kind of cancellation fee.

Let’s imagine you’ve decided that you no longer want a membership and would prefer to cancel it. You also have the option to call the customer support service, which is simple to navigate and provides a prompt response, or to cancel your subscription through the mobile app at no additional cost.

How to cancel country delight order

Country Delight’s mobile app or customer support can be used to cancel/terminate a subscription.

If Country Delight discovers more than one account with the same address, it has the authority to terminate the customer’s subscription.