How To Cancel An Order On Aafes?


How may my order be changed or canceled?

  • At the center of the screen, on the left, click “my username.”
  • Select “Manage My Account.”
  • Select “Order Concerns” from the “my order” box.
  • Select “I want to amend my purchase” or “I want to reject my purchase” by clicking.
  • Complete the form, then submit it.
  • You will hear from a customer service representative.
  • To contact customer care, you may also use chat, email, or dialing 1-800-527-2345.

Refunds & Returns Online.

Want to return something? We are prepared to assist. Except for what is specified in the Online Refund Policy hereunder, most items in brand-new shape may well be exchanged after ninety days, in either person or by mail. Customers of who make purchases using the Senior’s Internet Shopping Bonus may return items by mail.

Online Return Procedure.

Except as noted below, returns must be made within ninety days.

One month: Camera systems, furniture, beds, large equipment, watches, video recorders, TVs, and DLATS should be in the original packaging (government-issue clothing).

Bulk items, such as major sporting goods or TVs larger than 60 inches, laptops, tablets, Radio transceivers, fitness trackers, and the accompanying unopened products: applications, iPods, and prerecorded music, films, and computer games, have a 15-day return policy.

Ref refunds exclude vouchers, prepaid audio, wifi, phone card numbers, customized merchandise, and military gear. Items ready to wear, custom orders, weapons, and ammo. The company’s warranty can apply to large appliances used or returned after the return window has closed.

For detailed product information and recommended handling, consult your owner’s handbook. Products containing harmful substances or combustible fluids cannot be returned to the Interchange. Get in touch with the original supplier for information about services, warranties, returns, and refunds.

Classifieds (Delicacy & Mall) Businesses: The sellers are in charge of processing exchanges and returns for goods purchased from Community (Highly specialized & mall) businesses. For information on specific return policies, see the websites of specialized and mall stores.

How can I make another online purchase if you need one?

Locate the thing you want to buy.

Just use buttons on the top edge of the screen to select the appropriate amount, color, and shape.

Select “Add to cart.”

Drag your cursor across the “View Order” menu to see the contents of your trolley.

To view a shopping trolley overview, including pricing totals, select “Go to Cart.”

You’re ready to leave. Click “Continue Purchasing” if not. If so, click the link and follow the instructions to input any discount codes before clicking “Proceed to Payment.”

You will be requested to input your postal code immediately if it is not already on file.

To check your mailing address, complete your money, and examine your transaction, select the “Next” button.

Enjoy what you bought!

How can I figure out what stage my transaction is in?

In the upper-hand corner of the window, click “my profile.”

Then choose “Order Management.”

One should enter the order confirmation you want to view.

To look it up, click.

One can also click the prior orders mentioned on the site.

Alternative strategy.

Click “my login.”

Select “Change My Account.”

In the “my transaction” column, choose “Order Completion, Supervision & Records.”