How much gold can I carry from the USA to India?


According to a report from March 28th, 2018, Indian customs now permit a male passenger to enter the country with up to 20 grams of duty-free gold jewellery worth a maximum of 50,000 Rupees. Duty-free gold for female passengers is restricted to a weight of 40 grams and a value of up to 100,000 Rupees.No exceptions for children who have been living abroad for more than a year. To qualify for the duty-free allowance, you must purchase gold jewellery not adorned with gemstones or diamonds. Importing diamonds or other gemstone jewellery isn’t necessary in this case. Gold coins and jewellery can only be purchased with permission from the Union government of India. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs ‘Guide for Travelers lays out the ins and outs of importing goods into India, and it’s a useful resource for visitors. Because gold is such a valuable metal, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regularly imports it for its reserve. On the other hand, the government places restrictions on the entry of gold into the country for individual passengers.


Those who are of Indian descent or have a valid passport and are returning to India after a six-month absence are permitted to bring gold into the country as checked baggage, according to the government’s “Guide for Travelers.” Short visits lasting less than 30 days will not be counted in this time period. No one else will be able to enter the country with gold in their checked luggage except for these two travellers. Foreign nationals are not allowed to import Gold and Silver into the United States. Extra-large gold ornaments imported into the US may be subject to 10% customs duties. Other forms of gold, such as bullion, may also be subject to duties in India. All gold that isn’t worn as jewellery must be reported to the government. The duty-free allowance in India only applies to the sale of jewellery.

Before carrying golden jewellery to India, you need to know the “Duty for bringing gold.”

Obligation and the desire to bring gold Convertible foreign currency should be used to pay the passenger’s duty. It will be taxed at 12.5 per cent and 1.25 per cent for gold bars bearing the manufacturer’s or refiner’s serial number that are not tola bars. There will be an additional 1.25 per cent Social Welfare Surcharge on gold in any form other than this, including tola bars and ornamental pieces that are not studded with stones or pearls. Gold will be taxed at a lower rate for Indian Passport holders and people of Indian origin if they stay for more than six months in the United States. The six-month rule does not apply to visits of less than 30 days, so long as they occur within that time frame. Customs duty is charged at the normal rate of 38.5 percent in all other cases. An exception to this rule is the Customs Duty-Free Allowance available to Indian passengers who have been abroad for more than a year. It costs Rs. 50,000 for men, while it costs Rs. 1,000,000 for women.