How do I cancel an AliExpress order after payment?


It is not unheard of for a customer to pay for an item on AliExpress, only to change their mind about wanting the item later on. Both men and women are susceptible to its effects.

If you decide to cancel the order, we won’t be able to inquire further into the reason why. In the end, there is no justification for feeling down and out. If you decide to cancel the order, you won’t lose any of your money because of it.

After placing an order, it will take some time before your package is sent out for delivery. AliExpress provides the seller with seven calendar days to complete the transaction. During this time, your order is considered to be in the “Awaiting shipment” condition. During this time period, you also have the option to cancel your order.


How to Cancel an AliExpress Order After Payment Has Been Made

Go to the My Orders area of your AliExpress personal account and cancel the order there.

Next to the appropriate order, click “Cancel Order.” To cancel a purchase, you must go to the checkout page and use the Request Order Cancellation option.

After that, decide why you want to cancel. In the event that you accidentally placed an order, select the corresponding variant from the drop-down. Disputes can be raised if you cancel an order because of the seller’s error.

Waiting for the seller’s answer is inevitable when you seek a cancellation. If the seller is able to confirm your request, you will be issued a refund.

Suppose the vendor refuses to issue a refund to me.

In some instances, the retailer might not allow the cancellation of the order. Either he has already shipped the item to you, or he does not wish to lose the money that he has already invested. Remember that the supplier is obligated to give you a tracking number during the first five business days after the cargo has been delivered, even if they have already handed it over.

In that case, you should file a claim and ask for a refund if he wasn’t the one who did it. You won’t be able to get your money back, either through the dispute option or because the vendor was dishonest until the postal service has tracked the parcel and verified that it was delivered.

Before making a payment, make sure to look over the following items:

facts of the order, the seller’s rating, and the customer’s feedback about the product. It will save you money and time in the long run.