5 Best Ways to Avoid Poverty When Faced with Unemployment



  • Do you feel dejected and lost because of losing your employment because of the Coronavirus lockdown?
  • Are you aware of some real and high-paying alternatives, which can help you tide over the problem favourably?
  • Have you explored options like becoming a small business owner and starting trading in financial assets?

The Coronavirus crisis is one of the world’s biggest disasters. It has resulted in loss of lives and livelihoods on an unprecedented scale. The situation is not at all under control, with a vaccine still years away.

The infectious and contagious aspect of the disease is worrisome. However, what is more worrisome is the fact that millions of people all over the world have lost their employment because of businesses shutting down.

In this article, we are looking to help individuals and families who have lost their work and are struggling to make ends meet.

5 Best ways to avoid Poverty when faced with Unemployment: The List

Stop overspending on unnecessary items and expenditures-

All of us are living in precarious conditions, especially when it is coming to work opportunities. We do not know when we will be laid off. In such a situation, it is important that we cut down on all our expenditures to the tune of 70%.

We should cut down on all expenditures, which are not essential in nature. Only spending, which is deemed necessary should be carried out- food, medicines, etc. this will help you increase your sustenance for a longer period, without exhausting all your finances.

Start a small side hustle to sustain yourself and your family-

Many people are looking to earn a few extra bucks by starting small side businesses with little or no investments. For example, cryptocurrency trading is coming up in a major way as a high profit and credible area of investment.

Individuals are turning to bitcoin platform to help them start with the basics of investing and trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. As a financial asset, crypto is safe, credible and a high return source of investment.

Reach out to Family and Friends for Work Opportunities-

We often feel that we should not ask family or friends when it comes to financial matters. That is the right thing to do. However, you can always reach out to them for help relating to work. Some of them might be in need of human resource because of the pandemic.

It is best to maintain open channels of communication and let family and friends know that you can help them in their work. This will not only help you make ends meet during troubled times, but also project you as a straight-up respectable human being.

Follow the Notifications from your Local and National Governments-

If you look at the entire world, most governments and authorities are doing a lot to help douse the pain of the people who have been most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to follow their websites, portals and local news channels for information.

From unemployment benefits to free food, medicines and other supplies, governments are pulling out all stops to help people overcome the crisis. Staying updated and alert can be a great way to keep ourselves informed of all the social welfare policies being enacted by the authorities.

Do not take unnecessary Loans or Spend on your Credit Card-

It is important that you think of the problem in the long run. Saving and cutting down on all your costs is always better than maxing out your credit cards or taking high interest unauthorized loans. If you really have to, please turn to an established banking entity.

Loans lead to a massive debt trap, which will put you into new problems once the Coronavirus pandemic ends. It is better not to have another burden hanging on your head on top of the earlier ones.