Your Body Language can Make or Break That Deal


Communication is an integral aspect of a real estate agent’s job. First impressions matter a lot in this people business. One wrong word, gesture, or expression could not only make you lose a potential prospect but also, tarnish your reputation, generate negative word of mouth and decrease your chances of getting referrals. Therefore, to be successful, a realtor has to master the art of communication, and here I don’t mean only verbal, but also the more subtle forms such as the body language.

Your Body Language can Make or Break That Deal

Let us try and understand the body languages that should be avoided by a real estate agent at every cost.

Poor Posture:

You will be surprised to know that your posture can reveal a lot about your personality. Slumped shoulders and caved-in back indicate lack of confidence, unwilling to take on challenges and general aura of defeat. In an industry, as aggressive as real estate, no client would want to do business with an agent who spells disaster and incapability. The way you sit, stand or move can communicate about your sense of self–worth. So make sure, when you meet a customer, you assume a strong posture that inspires confidence and trust.

Avoiding Eye Contact:

Looking away from your customer while discussing possible business propositions can communicate a very negative image. The general belief is, a person avoids eye contact when he/she is not sure of what they are pitching, or when they are hiding some important information. Therefore, maintain a decent eye contact with the potential client is a must as it would indicate your interest and willingness to do business.

Improper Dress Code:

The proverb ‘clothes make the man’ holds true here. More often than not, people tend to judge you by the way you dress up. For instance, if you are meeting a potential prospect and you dress up in casual attire, the client might get the impression that you are a frivolous person. This, in turn, can impact your chance of closing a deal. Thus, as a real estate agent, make it a point to dress in formals to highlight your professionalism and commitment towards your business.

Improper Gestures:

It is common to use hands and arms when trying to put across a point. This strategy helps in expressing yourself, illustrating your point and connecting with your client. Having said that, you need to be extremely careful about your hand movements, as overuse could be frowned upon, and some gestures maybe are interpreted as offensive.

Smiling too Often:

While smiling is a good way to connect with your customer, but too much of it might not be appreciated. There is a possibility that the client may feel uncomfortable, and you may come across as too casual and disinterested.

To conclude, by making little alterations to your body language and avoiding the above-mentioned loopholes, you can leave a positive and reassuring image on your client.